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Aggravated Battery Class X Felony Waukegan

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Aggravated Battery Class X Felony Waukegan

Case Conclusion Date: April 10 2017

Practice Area: Aggravated Battery to a Child (Class X Felony)

Outcome: Charges Dismissed

Description: Waukegan (Case #15 CR 3120)

In perhaps one of the most interesting cases in my legal career my client was charged with fracturing his 5 month old daughter’s arm and possibly causing fractures to her knees based on the medical diagnosis of a Pediatric Abuse Specialist in a children’s hospital emergency room. My client did not fit the profile of a child abuser and I retained a Board Certified Radiologist and 2 Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeons to analyze the injured child’s X-Ray images. All three doctors I retained agreed that there were no injuries to the child’s knees and that the arm fracture was a result of being a premature-birth child that presented with a likely metabolic bone disorder. All three doctors agreed that my client’s statement to the police about how the injury occurred was consistent with the medical evidence (i.e. he was telling the truth). Further one of the doctor’s even opined that the injury appeared entirely accidental. The State when confronted with medical evidence from specialists agreed to dismiss the charges after my client engaged in parenting classes and some other assessments.

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