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Felony Theft Skokie

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Felony Theft Skokie

Case Conclusion Date: October 17 2018

Practice Area: Felony Theft

Outcome: Charges Reduced

Case Description: Skokie (Case #18MC2978)

Client employed by a group of car dealerships as an Information Technology Specialist (“IT”) allegedly ordered several computers without the authority or consent of his employer and possessed them off the work site. Client hired me after he was contacted by a Police Detective. While not making any statements to the police we did arrange for the computers (which were never used or resold) to be delivered to the possession of the police. My client was charged with Felony Theft but was quickly released on a recognizance bond (I-Bond). I prepared and presented mitigation on my client’s behalf to the prosecuting authorities. The prosecution agreed to reduce the charge to a misdemeanor which my client pled guilty to.

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