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Felony Uuw Domestic Battery 26Th California

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Felony Uuw Domestic Battery 26Th California

Case Conclusion Date: June 7 2018

Practice Area: UUW/Felony Domestic Violence

Outcome: Client received 2 years Probation and 30 Days County Jail (Credit for 4 days previously in custody)

Description: 26th & California Avenues (17CR16912)

Defendant who was highly intoxicated allegedly beat and bit his wife in front of their 3 minor children pulled a loaded firearm (bullet in the chamber) on his wife pointed it at her head and threatened to kill her in front of the whole family. Client had previous domestic battery and resisting arrest convictions. There was compelling video recorded statements from the alleged victim and minor kids. The victim wrote a compelling character reference for my client. My client has an excellent work history and he produced 14 other character letters on his behalf. After a Supreme Court Rule 402 Conference with the court in which the aforesaid character references were presented the Court agreed to place my client on probation over the State’s objection (State was recommending significant penitentiary time) with 30 days in Cook County Jail with credit for four days he was previously held in custody.

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