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DUI – Lake County

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DUI – Lake County

Case Disposition Date:   December 18, 2018

Practice Area:   DUI Defense

Outcome:  Case Dismissed (client pled to moving violation only)

Description:  Lake County (Case #18 DT 1273)

My client was pulled over for failing to signal and improper lane usage.  The arresting police officer performed a DUI investigation and my client blew a .141 on the Portable Breath Test (PBT) and a .12 BAC on the breathalyzer.  I moved to have my client’s 6 month driving suspension rescinded and to quash her arrest reasoning that she performed well on the field sobriety tests and she twice refused the PBT before agreeing to submit a breath sample.  The court suppressed the PBT result because she had initially refused the test and determined that her performance on the field sobriety tests and other factors, standing alone, did not warrant an arrest for DUI or suspension of her driving privileges.  The Village dismissed the DUI charges after she agreed to plead guilty to the Improper Lane Usage citation in return for a fine.  In addition, my client agreed to voluntarily undertake 10 hours of DUI Risk Education classes.

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