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Domestic Battery

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A trial by judge was held found not guilty

Case Disposition Date: August 26 2016   Practice Area: Battery Defense   Outcome: Client Found Not Guilty   Description: Markham Courthouse   A trial by judge was held and the court dismissed the State's case without our client having to put on a defense. Judge determined that attorney Meyerson's cross examination made it impossible for the defendant to have battered the compainant and that the case was really a dispute over money. "...

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Felony Uuw Domestic Battery 26Th California

Case Conclusion Date: June 7 2018Practice Area: UUW/Felony Domestic ViolenceOutcome: Client received 2 years Probation and 30 Days County Jail (Credit for 4 days previously in custody)Description: 26th & California Avenues (17CR16912)Defendant who was highly intoxicated allegedly beat and bit his wife in front of their 3 minor children pulled a loaded firearm (bullet in the chamber) on his wife pointed it at her head and threatened to kill her in front of the whole family. Client had previous domestic battery and resisting arrest convictions. There was compelling video recorded statements from the alleged victim...

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Domestic Battery Skokie

Case Conclusion Date: September 21 2017Practice Area: Domestic ViolenceCase Outcome: Charges Amended and DismissedDescription: Skokie (Case #17DV2064201)My client whose wife had moved to the Chicago area from out-of-state discovered his wife was having an affair. He confronted the person having an affair with his wife broke his car window and physically assaulted and battered him. The charge of Domestic Battery was reduced to simple battery and he was placed on a period of court supervision (a non-conviction) and ordered to undergo anger management counseling. In addition in return for fixing the car window that he...

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Lake County Juvenile Batter Case

Case Disposition Date: July 9 2018Practice Area: Battery-Juvenile CourtOutcome: Charges DismissedDescription: Depke Center (Case #: 17 JD 583)My client a juvenile at the time of the alleged battery was served with a Petition for Adjudication of Wardship for allegedly committing a battery against his legal guardian's husband in late 2017. The case was set for trial but was ultimately dismissed."...

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Domestic Violence Rolling Meadows

Case Conclusion Date: July 26 2018   Practice Area: Domestic Violence   Outcome: Charges Dismissed   Case Description: Rolling Meadows (Case #18 DV 30496)   My client was charged with Violation of an Order of Protection for allegedly harassing the victim inside her condominium. This is the third time in two years my client was arrested or charged with domestic violence related matters pertaining to the alleged victim. The Class A Misdemeanor criminal charge of Violation of an Order of Protection was dismissed in return for my client's agreement to a one year order of protection which prohibits violence or harassment of the victim and prohibits him from...

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Charges Reduced – Court Supervision – Markham

Case Conclusion Date: April 6 2016   Practice Area: Domestic Violence   Outcome: Charges Reduced - Court Supervision   Description: Markham Courthouse (Case #16 DV 61451)   Domestic Battery charges which involved alleged corporal punishment of client's teenage daughter was reduced to simple battery and client was placed on court supervision which can be expunged in the future...

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Battery Grand Central

Case Conclusion Date: July 28 2017Practice Area: BatteryOutcome: One count of Battery to a schoolteacher was dismissed and client was placed on a period of court supervision for battery to a minor.Description: Grand & Central Chicago (Case # 17120412201)My client was charged with battering both a schoolteacher and a minor on school property. The disputed charge of battery to the schoolteacher was dismissed by the prosecution and she was offered a period of court supervision (a non-conviction) for battery to the minor. '...

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Our client was charged with Domestic Battery – Not Guilty – Rolling Meadows

Case Conclusion Date: February 14 2014   Practice Area: Domestic Violence   Outcome: NOT GUILTY AFTER TRIAL   Description: Rolling Meadows Courthouse (Case # 13 DV 3094301)   Our client was charged with Domestic Battery and the complaining witness was seeking a 2 year plenary order of protection. At the close of the evidence the Judge found the defendant not guilty and denied the complaining witness' request for a 2 year order of protection. '...

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Violation Of An Order Of Protection Rolling Meadows

Case Conclusion Date: July 18 2017Practice Area: Domestic ViolenceOutcome: Charges DismissedDescription: Rolling Meadows (Case #17 DV 3038901)Client who was on supervision for another domestic battery case was charged with violation his Order of Protection by going to his spouses residence which was forbidden in the Order of Protection. The charges were dismissed and the supervision on his previous case was terminated early and satisfactorily. '...

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