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Orders of Protection

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Order of Protection Against Landlord

Case Conclusion Date: February 28 2017   Practice Area: Order of Protection   Outcome: Order of Protection was Denied   Description: 555 W. Harrison Chicago IL (Case #16OP78138)   Petitioner sought an Order of Protection (No Contact/No Stalking) against his landlord for allegedly entering his apartment without his authority on several occasions in the year 2016. Respondent denied entering her tenant's apartment. After an evidentiary hearing and at the close of the Petitioner's case the court denied the Petitioner for an Order of Protection finding that the Petitioner had not established a prima facie case for the issuance of an Order of Protection. Accordingly my client the Respondent...

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Battery Rolling Meadows

Case Conclusion Date: December 7 2017Practice Area: BatteryOutcome: Conviction and mandatory court fees onlyDescription: Rolling Meadows (Case #17MC3002167)My client a convicted felon was charged with punching a coworker causing numerous facial fractures. I engaged in a conference with the judge and the prosecutor at which I presented mitigation including that the victim was taunting my client with racial slurs. The judge agreed that only due to my clients prior criminal history she will convict him and accept the few hours my client was jailed after his arrest to satisfy his sentence and ordered him to pay...

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Domestic Battery charge dismissed

Case Conclusion Date: August 22 2016   Practice Area: Domestic Violence   Outcome: Domestic Battery charge dismissed in return for a Civil Order of Protection.   Description: Rolling Meadows Courhouse (Case #16DV3005801)   State dismissed the charge of Domestic Battery said charges were disputed and client agreed to a civil order of protection to be issued. '...

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2 year plenary order of protection by his ex-wife

Case Conclusion Date: November 4 2014   Practice Area: LITIGATING ORDERS OF PROTECTION   Outcome: CASE DISMISSED   Description: Dupage County Courthouse (Case # 14 OP 1498)   Our client was served with a petition for a 2 year plenary order of protection by his ex-wife. At the hearing our office established that the petitioner had multiple instances of voluntary contact with our client since she filed her petition. Our office argued that the petitioner's actions were not consistent with someone who was genuinely afraid and needed an order of protection. The Judge agreed and ruled in favor of our client. '...

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Disorderly Conduct Bridgeview

Case Conclusion Date: August 29 2017Practice Area: Disorderly ConductOutcome: Case DismissedDescription: Bridgeview (Case #165005235)Client had a party the night the Cubs won the World Series. A neighbor called the police three time based on noise disturbances. After the third police call my client a convicted felon was arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct. The complaining witness came to each and every court appearance for nearly one year but agreed to drop the charges after some mediation between the parties.'...

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Felony Criminal Damage To Property Drug Possession 26Th California Avenues

Case Conclusion Date: October 26 2017Practice Area: Felony Damage to Property/Drug PossessionOutcome: Felony Property Damage Reduced to Misdemeanor/Drug Possession Case DismissedDescription: 26th & California Avenues Chicago (Case #17CR6673 17CR6675)My client allegedly broke into a private car repair business parking lot by cutting the fence and took back his vehicle damaging two other vehicles in the process. Several weeks later his vehicle was stopped by the Chicago Police Department and he was arrested while in possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms which tested positive as a controlled substance. The prosecution reduced the Felony Criminal Damage to Property to a...

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Misdemeanor Speeding Downers Grove

Case Disposition Date: July 17 2018Practice Area: TrafficOutcome: Charge Reduced to a Petty Speeding OffenseDescription: My client was cited for going 34 miles over the posted speed limit a Class B Misdemeanor under Illinois law. I negotiated a reduction of the charge from a criminal misdemeanor to a petty offense and my client was placed on supervision (a non-conviction under Illinois law) and ordered to pay a fine and court costs.'...

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Felony Theft Skokie

Case Conclusion Date: October 17 2018Practice Area: Felony TheftOutcome: Charges ReducedCase Description: Skokie (Case #18MC2978)Client employed by a group of car dealerships as an Information Technology Specialist ("IT") allegedly ordered several computers without the authority or consent of his employer and possessed them off the work site. Client hired me after he was contacted by a Police Detective. While not making any statements to the police we did arrange for the computers (which were never used or resold) to be delivered to the possession of the police. My client was charged with Felony Theft but was...

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Our client was charged with Domestic Battery – Not Guilty – Rolling Meadows

Case Conclusion Date: February 14 2014   Practice Area: Domestic Violence   Outcome: NOT GUILTY AFTER TRIAL   Description: Rolling Meadows Courthouse (Case # 13 DV 3094301)   Our client was charged with Domestic Battery and the complaining witness was seeking a 2 year plenary order of protection. At the close of the evidence the Judge found the defendant not guilty and denied the complaining witness' request for a 2 year order of protection. '...

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Aggravated Battery Class X Felony Waukegan

Case Conclusion Date: April 10 2017Practice Area: Aggravated Battery to a Child (Class X Felony)Outcome: Charges DismissedDescription: Waukegan (Case #15 CR 3120)In perhaps one of the most interesting cases in my legal career my client was charged with fracturing his 5 month old daughter's arm and possibly causing fractures to her knees based on the medical diagnosis of a Pediatric Abuse Specialist in a children's hospital emergency room. My client did not fit the profile of a child abuser and I retained a Board Certified Radiologist and 2 Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeons to analyze the injured child's X-Ray...

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