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Motion granted case dismissed Skokie

Case Conclusion Date: April 17 2014   Practice Area: Criminal Defense   Outcome: MOTION GRANTED CASE DISMISSED   Description: Skokie Courthouse (Case # YW-618-500/1/2)   Client's vehicle was stopped for lane and seat belt violations and he was ultimately charged with Driving on a Suspended Driver's License due to his license being suspended for a pending DUI. The Court granted a Motion to Quash Arrest finding that the Prosecution failed to establish a legitimate legal basis for the traffic stop. All charges were dropped against our Client. '...

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Felony Dui Skokie

Case Conclusion Date: June 4 2018Practice Area: DUIOutcome: Class 2 Felony DUI was reduced to Misdemeanor Reckless Driving; Class 4 Felony DUI-Client received ProbationDescription: Skokie (17C220246 and 17CR17061)My client who was driving on a drivers license suspended from a previous DUI was found asleep at the wheel in her car with open alcohol present. She failed Field Sobriety Testing and was issued a Class 4 Felony charge of Aggravated Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI). While on bond for the felony DUI case she was again driving on a drivers license suspended from previous DUI...

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Dui Maywood

Case Conclusion Date: December 8 2015Practice Area: DUI DEFENSEOutcome: PETITION TO RESCIND STATUTORY SUMMARY SUSPENSION WAS GRANTED AND OUR CLIENT'S DRIVING PRIVILEGES WERE NOT SUSPENDEDDescription: Maybrook Courthouse (Case #YB655582)Our client's driving privileges were scheduled to be suspended for a period of one year due to the arresting police officer's law enforcement sworn report reflecting that our client allegedly refused to provide a breath sample as requested by the officer. Our client asserted that he did not knowingly refuse to take the breath test but rather the police officer considered it a refusal when our client requested to speak...

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Driving On A License Suspended For Dui Rolling Meadows

Case Conclusion Date: November 14 2017Practice Area: Suspended Drivers LicenseOutcome: Court SupervisionDescription: Rolling Meadows (Case #YE451891)My client was arrested for driving on a suspended driver's license in relation to two pending DUI cases in DuPage County. After engaging in a conference with the prosecutor and judge the judge agreed to place my client on a period of court supervision instead of convicting him and making him to 10 days in jail and 30 days community service. This result is quite rare in these types of cases."...

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Case Tb 721 872 73 74 75

Case Conclusion Date: November 12 2013Practice Area: DUI / DWIOutcome: NOT GUILTY OF DUI AFTER TRIALDescription: Daley Center Courthouse (Case # TB-721-872/73/74/75)Client was charged with DUI and his driving privileges were suspended accordingly. The Judge concluded that the Prosecution did not have sufficient evidence to suspend our Client's driver's license. Further our client was found not guilty of the DUI charge because the Prosecution failed to prove him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.'...

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Aggravated Dui Dupage County

Case Conclusion Date: October 4 2017Practice Area: Felony DUIOutcome: Plea Agreement (most serious charges dismissed)Description: DuPage County (Case #17 CF 643)Client whose driver's license was revoked over a decade earlier based on 2 prior DUI cases was observed traveling 32 miles an hour on a road where the speed limit was 65 MPH and was repeatedly swerving between traffic lanes without signaling despite the fact that there was an Illinois State Trooper immediately behind his vehicle filming his erratic driving. Relevant police car video shows client failing all standardized field sobriety tests being unsteady on his...

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Felony Driving on a Revoked Driver’s License – Skokie

Case Conclusion Date: March 2 2016   Practice Area:Felony Driving on a Revoked Driver's License   Outcome:Client's charges were reduced to a misdemeanor.   Description:Skokie Courthouse (Case#15CR1909201)   Our client was driving on a revoked driver's license due to two prior DUI convictions. After a mitigation letter was sent to supervising prosecutors a decision was made to reduce the charges to a misdemeanor which enabled our client to keep her job obtain loans and be able to obtain an apartment.   Case Conclusion Date: December 8 2015   Practice Area: DUI DEFENSE   Outcome: PETITION TO RESCIND STATUTORY SUMMARY SUSPENSION WAS GRANTED AND OUR CLIENT'S DRIVING PRIVILEGES WERE NOT SUSPENDED   Description: Maybrook Courthouse (Case...

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Dui Driving Suspension Challenge Waukegan

Case Conclusion Date: July 11 2018Practice Area: DUI/TrafficOutcome: Suspension Rescinded (client's driver's license returned to her)Description: Waukegan (Case #18 DT 234)I brought a challenge to the one (1) year summary suspension of my client's driving privileges which occurred 46 days after her arrest for DUI by a Lake Zurich police officer. After an evidentiary hearing held in Lake County Circuit Court on July 11 2018 the driving suspension was rescinded and my client returned to driving her vehicle. The suspension rescission also saved my client from the requirement of paying a $250.00 reinstatement fee to the Illinois...

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Leaving The Scene Of An Accident Skokie

Case Conclusion Date: June 21 2017Practice Area: Misdemeanor Traffic-Leaving the Scene of an AccidentOutcome: Client was offered a Deferred Prosecution (case will be dismissed when client completes counseling)Description: Skokie (Case #EA340182 83)Client is a minor that had no drivers license or permit struck a vehicle and returned home. The prosecution agreed to defer a prosecution until the completion of counseling and/or community service at which point case will be dismissed. '...

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DUI in Lake Country

Case Conclusion Date: January 20 2015   Practice Area: DUI / DWI & Criminal Defense   Outcome: CASE DISMISSED   Description: Lake County Courthouse (Case # 14 DT 730) (14 CM 1496)   Our client was accused of driving under the influence of alcohol and resisting arrest. We saved our client's driver's license when we argued that our client had attempted to blow into a breathalyzer machine but the machine failed to quantify a result. The Judge dismissed the summary suspension after finding that our client did not refuse to take a breath test. Following the hearing the State's Attorney's Office voluntarily dismissed all charges. '...

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Driving On A Revoked Drivers License Rolling Meadows

Case Conclusion Date: July 18 2017Practice Area: Misdemeanor TrafficOutcome: Client was placed on a period of conditional discharge with community service.Description: Rolling Meadows (Case #65300696 97)Client was cited for driving on a drivers license previously revoked for multiple DUI's. He also is purportedly a convicted felon. In lieu of a significant jail sentence my client received a period of conditional discharge and community service allowing him to keep his job "...

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