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Criminal Record Expunging

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Clearing and Expungement of Criminal Records in Illinois

An arrest or conviction for drug possession, shoplifting or theft was bad enough when you had to deal with embarrassment, supervision, fines, and other consequences. Don’t let an arrest or conviction stay on your record and ruin your chances for jobs, loans, scholarships, professional licenses, housing or college admission. An experienced expungement lawyer can explain if you qualify to have your criminal record cleared of past arrests, charges or convictions, as well as help you file a petition to expunge your record and get a fresh start. There is also a process of sealing some types of felony and misdemeanor convictions. Sealing differs from an expungement in that, unlike an expungement that purges law enforcement and court clerk’s databases of the arrest/case/disposition, when a conviction is sealed, law enforcement still sees the arrest/case/disposition.


Contact the expungement attorneys at Meyerson Law, LTD. today to learn how we can help you get your criminal record expunged of past arrests, most misdemeanor supervisions, and some felony charges. Through expungement, you can ensure that neighbors, employers, family, and the general public never see your past arrests, charges or supervision.


The Process of Criminal Record Expungement, you may qualify to have your criminal record expunged or sealed if:

You were arrested but found not guilty or acquitted
You were arrested but never charged with a crime
You were found guilty but sentenced to court supervision
Your case has other facts that qualify you for expungement


To successfully expunge a criminal record, you must have completed your court supervision without any violations. If you qualify for expungement also called Expunction or sealing a criminal record we can help you file a petition to have your criminal record expunged or sealed. Through the process of expungement, an arrest or charge of Underage Possession and Consumption of Alcohol, Drug Possession or Shoplifting virtually disappears and is no longer viewable by potential employers, schools, or licensing agencies.


Our expungement lawyers can explain in a free consultation if you qualify to have a misdemeanor or felony charge expunged or sealed. If your record is sealed or expunged, it will be as though the arrest or conviction never happened. You will no longer have to list the arrest or conviction on a job, loan, college admission or any other application. The public will not be able to see your criminal history, and you will get to start over!


If you qualify and want to clear your criminal record through expungement, we can help. Contact the record expungement lawyers at Meyerson Law, LTD. today to get experienced counsel about your legal options. We will work hard to ensure that you get the chance to start fresh after an arrest or criminal charge.

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