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Illinois Speeding Ticket Defense


Most people don’t know that going more than 26 miles over a posted speed limit in Illinois can land you in jail for up to six months and going 35 miles over a posted speed limit can land you in jail for up to a year. The laws governing speeding offenses contained in the Illinois Vehicle Code have changed in recent years. Speeding between 26 to 35 miles over a posted speed limit is a Class B misdemeanor while speeding 35 or more miles over the posted speed limit is a Class A misdemeanor, the equivalent of a DUI, Battery or Retail Theft.


Most often police departments issuing speeding offenses utilize technology such as radar or lidar. Police and prosecutors trust and rely on the accuracy of said devices. However, like all technology, radar and lidar units are capable of flaws, errors, malfunctions and breakdowns. Thus, attorney David S. Meyerson does not simply accept the conclusory results of police technology. In fact, there is no other form of police technology that can be utilized in court (breathalyzers, DNA evidence, fingerprint evidence, lab results) where neither the defendant nor his or her attorney has the opportunity to inspect the radar or lidar device, its manual, its maintenance logs, etc. The advantage David S. Meyerson has is that he knows the devices, and their limits and shortcomings, better than most police officers and prosecutors. This knowledge enables him to defeat the conclusory output of said devices in certain instances.

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